Posted by Gillian Rhodes

Oh August, you hot little son-of-a-gun. I am both excited and sad that you’re here.



I’ve always had a fickle relationship with the month, really. I think it started when I was a kid – the back-to-school stuff comes out in full force in August and you’d panic about how little of your precious carefree summer was left. Kind of like the feeling you get on a Sunday afternoon before the start of a busy week, but for a whole month.

And even though I’m not in school anymore, it’s still hard to shake that feeling that August is just a stepping stone to September. But this is the year I have decided I’m embracing August. Even if it’s hot. And sticky. And always smells faintly of sunscreen.

A uniquely August “thing” in Upstate NY is are cherries. The produce stand has been pretty well swimming in them this week. They’re just so cute and I have a compulsion to buy them even though I know precisely zero cherry recipes. So in an effort to embrace August, a desktop and mobile wallpaper ode must be made to an August-exclusive treat.


Download your free August cherries desktop by clicking the links below:

DOWNLOAD “August Cherries” – DESKTOP


Happy Monday!

— Gillian





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