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The 52 Hand-Lettered Project – You can’t cheat the hustle

Oh, hi 2015. Nice to finally acknowledge that you’re here! What a way to start this year – it’s been nuts around this place! Some exciting stuff (more new products for the shop! some big web design projects that I’m cranking through!) and some not so exciting stuff (jury duty – whomp whomp). I’m still riding that wave of excitement that the new year brings and it looks like I can take all the energy I can get.

I thought I’d stop in to talk about a new project that I’m excited to jump on board with. Miranti over at pen + peplum has created the 52 Hand Lettered Project – the deal is to produce one lettering piece a week for 52 weeks. She provides a prompt or theme for each week to get the ideas flowing.

I’m really excited to stick with this project. I absolutely adore hand lettering and just need that kick in the pants to produce something creative every week. At the end of this year, I’m hoping to have built up my skill set as well as some pieces for my portfolio or the shop.

Week 1 Prompt: 2015…a word, a mantra or your focus for the new year. Here is my shot. You Can’t Cheat The Hustle.



I have no shame in admitting that the first time I heard this expression (or a variation of it) was on a Kardashian program. I still like though. It’s a “no-excuses-take-charge” kind of mantra. In the few short years I’ve been an entrepreneur, I’ve come to learn that there is absolutely no substitute for hard work. No amount of vision, creativity, planning, or sun salutations will be as important as getting up every day and just putting in the hours. You can’t cheat the hustle!

I hope everyone is having a great start to 2015. Cheers!

— G.

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