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Hello again! Did you have a nice weekend? Mine was quiet but good! Did a little housework, yardwork and some fall cooking in the kitchen (stew!).

I also vowed to fix my fritzy washing machine with my own hands this weekend. My hubs and I have been dealing with a washer that likes to shut itself off 5-10 times per load which makes the laundry process very long and painful. (Especially considering our laundry is in the basement and the office is on the second floor.) We called a repairman to see if he’d come look at it and they wanted $300 just to come visit. That’s almost the cost of a brand new washer with no guarantee he could fix it. So on Saturday afternoon, I just cracked that little sucker open myself. Equipped with some youtube video wisdom, we guessed determined we’ve got a junky flow meter and we ordered a new (cheap!) part that arrives this week. I am not terribly confident that it’ll work but at least we gave it our best shot.

Now, on to more important matters.

weekly wishes 3

It’s Monday so today we’re back to  The Nectar Collective’s Weekly Wishes.

First things first – last week’s wishes!

1. Finish up the designs for Christmas Cards for the shop. Success! I finished a kind of retro-inspired set of Christmas cards that I’m excited to get to press and up for sale. I’ll be sure to update here once I’ve got them in my hot little hands.

2. Set up a blogging schedule(r). Not so successful. This is just one of those things that falls down the priority list.

3. RAKE ALL OF THE LEAVES. Oh yes, I raked all of the leaves alright. I often struggle with this task because I’m kind of a perfectionist and not getting all of the leaves can make the whole thing feel unsatisfying. But I continue to fight the good fight.

Now to this week:

1. Set up a blogging schedule(r). Bringing this forward from last week in hopes this week it’ll actually happen.  I’ve done a little research on WordPress blogging schedulers and there seems to be an infinite number of plugins that would adequately do the job. I’ve seen a lot of good feedback on CoSchedule. It seems that this service is especially helpful for blogs or websites where you have multiple people contributing, but I think the interface looks so beautiful that I might be willing to shell out the $ for this plug-in. Any feedback from people using CoSchedule would be appreciated!

2. Be a social media superstar. Admittedly, I have trouble keeping up with the social media outlets that are integral to keeping a blog alive and getting more followers. I need to engage more. I want to post to my main platforms (facebook, instagram and twitter) at least once every day for this week. Maybe there is yet another WordPress plug-in that can help me streamline this task?

3. Get a big ‘ole carving pumpkin. I’ve been slowly amassing pumpkins for my front step but this years selection kind of veers to the weird and abnormal pumpkins. Little white ones, fat, short and bumpy ones, but none yet that qualifies as a good one to carve up for the big day. Our neighborhood doesn’t seem to be super Halloween-y, but there are a few little kids here and there that I like to set up for. Gotta get the perfect carving pumpkin this week before all the good ones are gone!

What are your goals for this week?


The Nectar Collective

 — G.

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