I am a huge sucker for hand drawn fonts. Truly. The way hand lettering can convey a comfortable, thoughtful message is really unmatched. It’s my go to strategy when I know I want to cultivate a cozy yet elegant design.

Enter Briar Rose from OnTheSpotStudio. It’s perfect. The delicate balance between retro elements and modern versatility. Within hours of getting this gorgeous font I was busy using it on a really lovely wedding stationary set, but I know I’ll love this font for months to come on everything from logos to typography art.

Check it out below:


Isn’t it just sublime? I think this font will be a great asset come holiday time. Couldn’t you just see being perfect for all things gift-giving? Wrapping paper, cards, even addressing gift tags with this font would be a beautiful touch.

In celebration of Briar Rose, I thought I’d whip up a print inspired by a quote I read on a coffeecup of all places, while out in Colorado this week.


You can download the print here.

And if this hand drawn font gets you going like it gets me going, you can download it here.

(Note: This is not an affiliate link nor am I being compensated in any way. Just a girl who loves a font and wants the world to know about it.)

What fonts are you loving lately?

— Gillian

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