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Lemon Water – 6 Reasons Why This Should Be a Part of Your Life!

Have y’all jumped on the lemon water bandwagon?

I’ll readily admit that I am a fad follower. If I see something that seemingly takes the internet by storm and it costs less than $10 to try it, chances are I’m running out to get whatever mystery items I need to cure whatever it is that has suddenly become a big huge problem for me.

So when I saw the whole internet losing its mind about lemon water I knew this was something I needed to get in on. It’s been a week – and I think this habit is here to stay!


Here’s the deal – lemons are packed with nutrients (including vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and fiber). Not only do they make your water taste better, but look, so much health! I take about 3 small-to-medium size organic lemons, cut ’em right down the middle and lightly squeeze the juice into the pitcher, before cutting it all up into slices and throwing it in with about 1/2 a gallon of water. I like to throw my pitcher in the fridge for a bit and let it all stew around (sometimes overnight!) before I’ll drink it up.

For maximum health benefits, you should drink this when it’s room temperature or even warm, and do it first thing in the morning before you have anything to drink or eat. I’m not quite there yet (the first thing for me is coffee, always, oh and drinking warm water is sort of weird, right?) but I really do think I’ve been getting some net benefits.


So here are 8 little ways that drinking lemon water will improve your life! (Said in my best infomercial voice…)

1. Lemon water can boost your immune system. Chocked full of vitamin C, lemon water helps your immune system stay strong. Feeling a cold coming on? Grab some lemon water instead of Orange Juice. All the vitamin C without the sugar!

2. Lemons have a tonnnnne of potassium which plays an important role in electrolyte regulation, nerve function, muscle control, and blood pressure. All good stuff.

3. Drinking lemon water can give you a serious energy boost! I know a lot of people who have been able to ditch their morning cuppa’ for some hot lemon water. (I am not one of those people.) Even still that lemon-y goodness produces clean energy that hydrates and oxygenates the body. This can help you if you’re feeling sluggish or your brain is feeling a little fuzzy.

4. Lemon water acts as a natural cleanse. Citric acid in your body is good for a lot of things, as it can bind with different toxins and help them flush out of your system. (People who are prone to kidney stones – lemon water can help keep that at bay!)

5. Lemon water can make your skin look radiant. Because lemons act as a natural detoxifier, it can help keep your skin feeling fresh and smooth. My skin has been pretty good over the last week, but I’m more likely to attribute that to the increase how much water itself I’m drinking, rather than the lemons. But I’ll keep an eye out for my soon-to-be-arriving amazing skin.

6. It can aid in digestion. The goodness in lemons encourages healthy digestion by loosening toxins in your digestive tract. It can help with all sorts of indigestion like bloating and heartburn.

Have any of you tried a daily lemon water? Any other simple health tips/fads that you’ve tried?

Happy weekend!

— Gillian.

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6 Reasons Why This Should Be a Part of Your Life!
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