#52handlettered Project – Week 5 – Places to Visit

How’s this for consistency? Go blog AWOL for 2 entire weeks and then right back at you with two posts. In a row. I know, I know. Contain your excitement!

After missing a couple of weeks I’m back with the #52handlettered project. You can check out the deets of this project in last week’s submission, or check out pen + peplum for more info. The prompt for this week was “places to visit” and this is the place I chose:


Since moving to the US I’ve been very fortunate to see a great deal of this country, but I have yet to get my big-hair-lovin self to Texas, and I think that’s a crying shame. My husband has been a bunch of times for work, and each time he comes home with great stories about things he saw, did and ate.

Texas – I’m coming for you in 2015!

— Gillian


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