Posted by Gillian Rhodes

Just stopping in to relay a message about my pants. Exciting stuff, right? I just returned from my weekly daily trip to target and came back with these puppies below: (Note, this is not a a sponsored post and there are no affiliate links. Just a girl who really appreciates a good pair of sweats.)


Juniors Slim Jogging Pant / Target

They are the most. comfortable. pants. ever.  Taking sweats to a whole new level. I am choosing to ignore that these are from the juniors section (is there a definitive age where you can’t even sneak into the juniors section anymore?), and I’m also choosing to ignore the styling suggestion to pair these with heels. Uhh no.

So if you’re in the market for a very affordable, very comfortable pair of sweats to wear all the time on the weekends, I couldn’t recommend these enough. (I bought the black. But I’m not very adventurous.)

— G.

The comfiest pants in existence @ Target
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